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6/22/2018 6:21 am  #1

Ralph bice lake

Hey all.  I'm wondering if anyone has any info at all on campsite #4 (according to the PCI map) on Ralph bice.  It's the campsite all the way at the Far East end on the north shore. If you have photos that would be even better.    Thanks everyone!


6/22/2018 10:47 am  #2

Re: Ralph bice lake

i think that campsite number 9 on bice is great,,, small sandy beach, sheltered, excellent landing, stone point. room for several  tents
  4 outta 5 stars
    i hope this helps you plan your get away?


6/22/2018 11:50 am  #3

Re: Ralph bice lake

Thanks Swedish.  Yes it does help!  I know some of the sites but I can't seem to picture number #4.  On the map it's location looks great.  East and west exposure and south facing.

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6/22/2018 3:57 pm  #4

Re: Ralph bice lake

Hi Fox!,

Can't speak with that specific site, but agree with Swedish - 9 is a great site...  My fav however is 2...  Sandy beach, with a rocky 'pier' to dry / sunbathe on beside the beach...  Enjoy =D


6/22/2018 5:07 pm  #5

Re: Ralph bice lake

Thanks Ash!   ...got any photos of campsite #2??

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6/22/2018 6:54 pm  #6

Re: Ralph bice lake

Unsure if I have pics of the campsite itself (would have to dig further around on my comp), but here's a couple of the beach / 'pier'...=D





6/24/2018 2:03 pm  #7

Re: Ralph bice lake

Thanks for the pics ash.  That rock peninsula looks awesome!

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