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4/01/2018 7:29 pm  #1

Old Archive Forum

I use to check out the old forum for a read every now and then. A wealth of knowledge and some funny stories to look back on. 

However, there use to be a search feature which made it easy to navigate the hundreds of pages of posts and now I no longer see the search button. Did this feature get removed from the old forum? Makes it hard to look anything up without spending 9 days looking for a certain topic. 

Curious, if anyone else has visited it recently and knows. Thanks


4/07/2018 10:23 am  #2

Re: Old Archive Forum

I know there are far better ways, but you could always just google something like "algonquinadventures network54 campsite", this search brings up anything from the old board containing the word "campsite" so just replace that with whatever you want to search for.


4/07/2018 11:58 am  #3


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