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3/19/2018 8:49 pm  #1

Bachelor Party

I'm hoping to plan a two night bachelor party in Algonquin around the beginning of July. There will be about seven of us in attendance, and skill level will vary greatly. I'm looking for one or two portages at most, and they've got to be pretty easy. I'm not anticipating us being a loud group but we probably don't want to be in immediate proximity of another group. A site with swimming would be a welcome bonus.  So far I've been considering Crotch Lake or Booth.Any other suggestions? We'd be coming up from Orillia so we should be fine with any access point that is not on the eastern side of the park.


3/20/2018 6:26 am  #2

Re: Bachelor Party

Maybe try and snag a lake such a Little Eagle, 1 portage away from Magnetewan? There is only 1 campsite on the lake and you'll have the lake 100% to yourselves.
Another good option could be Hilliard or Delano, again 1 or 2 portages from the access (Cache).
This way you guys can be as loud as you want with little worries. Crotch and booth both have lots of campsites within close proximity, and sound travels far.

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3/20/2018 6:53 am  #3

Re: Bachelor Party

In the same vein of one campsite lakes, David Lake is another good option. Granted that's three portages but they're all short and tame, and you're still only about an hour and a half from the Magnetawan access point. Very few people travel through David. 


3/20/2018 7:31 am  #4

Re: Bachelor Party

I did the same thing for my Bachelor Party and coincidentaly with my recent thread, I had it on Ralph Bice. I also had friends of varying skill levels, and had someting like 15 guys. We picked Ralph Bice because it had two really short and easy portages and was very close to the access point on Magnetewan. We camped on the norhern island, Its a beautiful spot, but more importantly has 4 sites on a relatively small island so we could alll hang out in close proximity, still adhering to the nine person campsite limit.  Very easy drive from Orillia as well. If you wanted a little more seclusion you could also add the 600m port west and head into David lake.

Hope this helps.



3/20/2018 8:34 am  #5

Re: Bachelor Party

Little Eagle campsite vids... might be large enough for seven but room sitting around the campfire at night might be lacking. There are larger sites with fire pits with logs arranged around the fire, plenty of room for comfortable seating on Booth IIRC near the port above the dam




Opeongo has large, comfortable campsites and if you have the motorboat access maybe the driver could pick out a large site for you.. Also on Proulx and Big Crow if you want to port, not difficult and arrange for motorboat pickup on the return.


3/20/2018 9:17 am  #6

Re: Bachelor Party

Could look at Cork lake using the Brigham Lake access area.  Reserve both sites and you'll have the lake to yourselves.  Pretty good swimming from both sites...wading and jumping.  Avoid jumping after cocktails.


3/20/2018 9:25 am  #7

Re: Bachelor Party

Little Island Lake via Cache may be an option.
There are two small sites on the east end of the island and two large, group sites on the west end that, if you didn't know better, you would think they were one huge site.
Any time I have stayed there I have had the lake to myself but I have never been there in July.

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3/20/2018 10:24 am  #8

Re: Bachelor Party

Although 4 portage deep Cranebill  is another single site  lake. Decent swimming rock. Decent length  portages to get there but nothing crazy. You can actually skip the first one if you don't mind wet feet.  Also the other two portages in to cranebill are long and low maintenance.  Chances of any passers by is nill. IMO  I would stay away from easy access larger lakes. Too much traffic and too easy access for patrolling  wardens investigating the slightest  violations. The deeper and more solitude the better. Cranebill  access  through Rain Lake. Where ever you end up enjoy!


3/20/2018 11:20 am  #9

Re: Bachelor Party

Since you mentioned Farm to Booth have you considered heading down Crotch and across the 495M portage to Oram Lake?
2 non maintained sites on a dead end lake should give you the privacy you are looking for.
I have not paddled that Lake but walked the portage last Thanksgiving and it was not bad and looks like a nice little Lake. The only downside I could see from the put in is you can see the hydro lines cutting across the ridge but looking at the map, I doubt you would be able to see them from the campsites, but you might be able to hear them. Do hydro lines still "Hum"?
No idea what the sites are like or what shape they are in but being that accessible, best guess is they see some use.

Looking towards Crotch Lake from the portage to Oram
IMGP0029 by Rob Howes, on Flickr

Oram Lake from the put in
IMGP0027 by Rob Howes, on Flickr

and if you have nothing better to do, I took the gopro when I walked the portage.



3/20/2018 12:05 pm  #10

Re: Bachelor Party

There's one or two sites on big crow that have a great beach .. .can't recall which but someone here would likely know.  Easy to get to this lake .. . take the taxi though. 

and theres lots of daytrip options from there ...


3/20/2018 1:58 pm  #11

Re: Bachelor Party

bruce lake is da spot. only one  camp site on this lake, good site and fire pit . deep enough to swim in front of this site
 540 m. flat portage into the lake via source lake. great area
    i hope this helps


3/20/2018 4:00 pm  #12

Re: Bachelor Party

I would second Swede's Bruce Lake suggestion. Easily accessible
Manageable portage and lake to yourselves.  Another suggestion could be Sunday lake. Nice island site with good swimming . Short portage from Access point to the lake .
2 other sites but hell,    book all 3 LOL! $12 per night is cheap to have the lake to yourselves.

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3/20/2018 9:12 pm  #13

Re: Bachelor Party

Just a word of caution when planning for large groups. Some campsites simply won't  support a number of tents. I suggest checking out the "PCI" at .. http://www.algonquinadventures.com/PCI/PCIindex.htm . Admittedly it only contains a few of the campsites, but it could help.

Also, the Trip-log Inventory contains descriptions of some campsites encountered on canoe trips .. http://www.algonquinadventures.com/triplogs/TripLogsIndex.htm

For example, while the Bruce Lake campsite might suite a small group of campers, it could prove a challenge to get seven campers tented on it .. http://www.algonquinadventures.com/PCI/lakes/Bruce/BruceCS1/BruceCS1.htm

While park regulations prohibit more than 9 campers on a campsite, there's no guarantee that a campsite will provide enough 'tentsite' area for everyone in such a group!


3/21/2018 9:45 am  #14

Re: Bachelor Party

Opeongo east arm, next to the long ports to Dickson:








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3/21/2018 11:02 am  #15

Re: Bachelor Party

My advice is Galeairy starting from town of Whitney.  Whitney has gas station, 2 restaurants, pizzeria, souvenir stores, beer store and liquor store.  From docks of Galeairy, canoe straight down the lake and turn left into a large bay called Farm Bay.  There are 4 secluded campsites close to each other in this bay, far from civilization and other campsites.  There is also a beach at one of the campsites also.  No portaging and something to eat in Whitney on your way in and out.  If you fish, I have caught walleye, bass, lake trout and speckled trout in Galeairy.

Anyways, that is what boknows says....... Also, I forgot to mention that these campsites are part of a History Zone in Algonquin Park.  And should you desire if some of your gang doesn't like canoeing, you can easily rent a boat/motor from an outfitter in Whitney who will deliver it to your starting point and pick it up when you are finished as Galeairy allows boats and motors.  In Farm Bay, you won't see much boat/motor traffic from cottagers when you start your trip as they go the other way to Rock Lake.

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Tripping in Algonquin Park is not about seeking shelter from a storm, tripping in Algonquin Park is about dancing in the rain!

3/21/2018 4:03 pm  #16

Re: Bachelor Party

crotch lake access, eh   kitty lake cabin
   i saved my best idea for last
  book the kitty lake cabin for you party
 lots of room, bunk beds, stove, great spot on the water, very easy access, fire pit. out house, rain or shine
    i hope this helps


3/22/2018 7:23 pm  #17

Re: Bachelor Party

Thanks for all the suggestions! Once I've got a date finalized I will have to check through the availability of these sites and go from there!

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