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3/09/2018 1:34 pm  #1

Reverse Brent Run?

So there are some nebulous rules around a Brent run. Like you must use a cedar canvas canoe, start at Ahmek, etc…. Some talk about it as doing it in a single shot, others over a couple days, etc…

However, the general rule if you are doing it as a “race” is:  start at Canoe Lake, paddle to Brent, take a pic at the store for proof and return to Canoe Lake, in a single shot, as fast as you can.

With the general rule in mind, is it still a Brent run if you reverse it? Start at Brent, paddle to Canoe and back to Brent. Could somebody still say "I did a Brent Run". Hmmm....maybe it would be called a Canoe Lake Run.

Unless you are a Canoe Lake cottager or have a connection to a camp, Canoe Lake is a crappy place to start because there is nowhere to camp. Starting and finishing a Brent run where you have to drive is a bit of a chore.

Kinda, loosely, dreamingly planning a Brent run, but the Canoe Lake start is a sticking point.



3/09/2018 1:58 pm  #2

Re: Reverse Brent Run?

It's not really that big of a deal is it? There are plenty of campsites along the Highway 60 corridor, what does it matter that you have to drive ~5 minutes to the Canoe Lake access point from where you slept? 

That being said, it's not like the Guiness world record folks will be waiting to validate your time. If starting at Brent makes more sense to you then why not? It's there and back again, so it's an identical trip regardless of which end you start at. 


3/09/2018 4:13 pm  #3

Re: Reverse Brent Run?

Or, you could camp on Joe Lake. Next morning paddle to Ahmek touch the dock, paddle to Brent, turn round paddle back to your campsite on Joe. Same distance. SmedleyCo, Shawn of Ajax, Mark Rubino and MikeB did that 2 summers ago. Camp Ahmek is not interested in supporting non camp members who attempt the run. So no starting at Ahmek. Lost PR for them IMHO.

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3/11/2018 7:59 am  #4

Re: Reverse Brent Run?

I think I like the Joe Lake idea. Saw it on the Brent run site, but didn't give it much thought as I was avoiding the 60 altogether, but that puts some distance between the highway. Plus we could add in a day or two of hanging around camp.

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3/11/2018 10:17 am  #5

Re: Reverse Brent Run?

Saves a looong drive to Brent.


3/11/2018 10:51 am  #6

Re: Reverse Brent Run?

On the downside, it means you're trying the Brent run with overnight camping gear. Unless you're going to stash your extra equipment on Joe and come back for it I guess? 


3/12/2018 7:53 am  #7

Re: Reverse Brent Run?

I am in Ottawa so the drive to Canoe Lake and Brent are almost the same. Just that dirt road down to Brent that sucks in a little Honda. 

My tripping partner's and my wife would be around and they would be camping at either the drive in site or back country site so that part is taken care of. But yeah packing for a backcountry trip is a bit more involved than slamming some stuff in the trunk for a drive in trip.

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3/12/2018 8:36 pm  #8

Re: Reverse Brent Run?

Yes, when we were looking into doing the Brent Run a couple years back, the starting point was a bit of an issue.  As MartinG said, Ahmek wanted nothing to do with it and would not allow us to camp on their grounds at all, so we decided we would camp on Joe.

We started from the island campsite just north of the portage from Canoe Lake early in the morning, paddled down to the portage into Canoe, paddled to Ahmek and slapped the boathouse and then back to the portage and into Joe. We continued on up to Brent then back to our island site on Joe. We timed the Run to coincide with the full moon for added night light.

As for ALL the rules (cedar canvas canoe, etc) times have changed and not everyone has access to that type of canoe these days.  As well, a birdie told me that one of the original records may have happened because there were 3 paddlers in the boat, where we only have 2.

Put a team together, start from Joe Lake, and have a blast whether you beat the record or not. That is the modern day point of the Brent Run IMHO. It may take you 27 hours, it may take you 40, or it may take you 3 days. It doesn't matter. It took us 40 hours, we had a bunch of highlights along the way, lots of laughs and we are still talking about it 2 years later.

Sean (of Ajax)

Paddling Adventures Radio
"Grab a paddle and get on the water"

3/13/2018 8:35 am  #9

Re: Reverse Brent Run?

Thanks Sean!

"It may take 27 hours" bahahaha, not us! We are just going for a "completed" time status! 

The Joe Lake start seems like easiest we will look into it. As for boats, your right, a cedar canvas canoe is hard to come by, at least for this type of thing, mainly because those boats now all have family heirloom status.

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3/13/2018 10:49 am  #10

Re: Reverse Brent Run?

Has anyone ever done a solo Brent run? 

I know doing the Brent run in a kayak wouldn't 'count'... but I'm suddenly tempted to give it a try!


3/13/2018 11:01 am  #11

Re: Reverse Brent Run?

Uppa wrote:

Has anyone ever done a solo Brent run? 

I know doing the Brent run in a kayak wouldn't 'count'... but I'm suddenly tempted to give it a try!

The fact of doing it solo negates the kayak in my books!

Do it!

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