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2/18/2018 1:31 am  #35

Re: Jeff's Maps - Concerns

Shark wrote:

Jeff, thanks for all the work you put into the maps over the years. I have a set of the complete set of the old ones.

If you have never camped back country before it can be a bit daunting at first.

First thing I did was read a couple of Kevin Callan books cover to cover. Made me realize with some basic prep you can do it pretty easily.

At the same time I found the old forum here at AA. There is a tremendous amount of info on these forums.

Then I found Jeff’s map. I think it might have been in the first year you had them online. Gave me an accurate planning tool for how to get there.

So. Big thanks to Kevin for writing some neat books, Barry and friends for keeping this forum up and properly moderated and Jeff for giving us all a huge resource for planning trips. Not sure I would have made the leap with out all three resources.

Thanks again


Pretty much my experience as well.


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