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1/22/2018 11:00 pm  #1

Deer and Moose sheds

Had the real pleasure of laying eyes on this beauty old buck on New Years Day .... night .
Before headin ta bed , peaked out the living room window and under the the full moon light was treated ta the sight of this oldtimer . The trail cam and deer feed have been active ever since .
He has since shed that rack , and having walked the cedar rail fence lines at the jump points , in search of those beauty brow tines , I was thinking of the deer and moose sheds seen in Algonquin over the years .
Would be interesting ta hear of your sights of such things in Algonquin .
The last two pictures , not a shed , but a ten pointer on the skull .... along Batise Creek AP.





1/23/2018 10:00 am  #2

Re: Deer and Moose sheds

What a monster buck!  I don't have a photo, but in the early 1990's found the complete skeleton of a buck on the eastern side of Islet, about midway down the lake.  Paddling in the late afternoon, we barely spotted the rack and pulled up to have a look.  6-8 point, really wide.  I suppose it was injured during hunting season and as far as it got was this little depression about 20' in from the lake shore.  Maybe it was ill and that was the spot, who knows.  The remarkable thing was that the skeleton was completely intact.  You'd think wolves or martins or other meat eaters would scavenge it into pieces that would get pulled a few feet away if not further, but no, so I guess the remains were consumed by decomposers, and that was that.


2/01/2018 4:45 am  #3

Re: Deer and Moose sheds

I found a BIG moose shed on the trail into Clover lake once.  I picked it up and quickly decided I already had enough stuff to carry.  I found a real nice white tail shed last year (outside the park) and ended up finding the match the following day.  Since then I decided to actually keep an eye out for them and have found many.  Makes me wonder how many I've walked by over the years.


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