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11/23/2017 10:09 pm  #1

Ecco Hiking Boots

I recently picked up a pair of Ecco boots (replaced for free under warranty) and have to say they are incredible!  The ones they replaced were several years old and served me extremely well however I guess there was a known issue with them.  They are not cheap boots but they are honestly the most comfortable boots I've ever worn.  Zero time to break in, very warm and extremely waterproof  And when a company stands behind their product like this it is much easier to justify the initial cost.  They actually replaced them with a higher end boot as well which is a bonus! 


Anyone else own Ecco boots?  Are you as happy with yours as I am with mine?

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11/23/2017 10:33 pm  #2

Re: Ecco Hiking Boots

I have the exact same boot, Biom 1.7. They are incredible, warm in winter, cool in summer, incredibly light and supple and completely waterproof. I tell people they feel like wearing slippers. I've been using Ecco's for 10 years now and this is my third pair of Bioms. I like the high cut for getting in and out of my canoe especially in spring. I suggest you buy the Ecco care kit and use it before and after each trip. It includes a bottle of foam cleaner, moisturizing lotion and waterproofing spray.


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