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11/16/2017 8:55 pm  #1

Late September Kayak Solo Trip - Day 2 - Mouse to Maple (Video)

Hot on the heels of Day 1 , which covered my trip from the Kiosk access point to Mouse Lake comes part 2: Mouse to Maple. I've paddled through Maple Lake before but this was my first time camping there, and it gave me a new appreciation for it. It's a beautiful lake with some stunning campsites - including the one I called home for two nights. I'll definitely be back. 



11/17/2017 8:16 am  #2

Re: Late September Kayak Solo Trip - Day 2 - Mouse to Maple (Video)

Great video, I love Mouse and Erables.  Stayed on one of the 2 sites on the southern Island this past May.  Great place especially when the weather is good (which it was).  This past May the 1495 Portage from Big Thunder had a lot of blow downs, which made it a pain to get through.  But Erables made it worth it.


11/17/2017 8:24 am  #3

Re: Late September Kayak Solo Trip - Day 2 - Mouse to Maple (Video)

The portages on this trip were all in perfect shape, so someone has definitely cleared them since you were through. I don't remember a single blow down. 

Speaking of Big Thunder, I took a decent look at the sole campsite there (from the water, I didn't actually get out and explore) and my impression was that it would be a really nice spot to set up camp on for a couple days. I may just do that one of these years. 

I've camped on Erables before but not Maple, so that's where I chose it this time. The campsite I had on Maples was about as close to perfect as it gets - with the exception of needing an easier take out!

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