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11/11/2017 9:33 pm  #1

Solo Trip - Kiosk to Mouse - Day 1 of 4

Hey folks, 

I've been absent from this site for a few months courtesy of my life being utter insanity, but things are finally calming down a bit, to the point where I've managed to not only read/watch a few of the trip reports posted here, but I found time to put together a Day 1 video of my late September trip out of Kiosk. My trips this year were filled with mishaps and mayhem, but this one was the exception. Gorgeous weather, lakes entirely to myself, and nothing but peace and perfection. The closest I got to drama was accidentally exposing myself to a stranger, but that will have to wait until Day 3. For now, I hope you enjoy Day One: Kiosk to Mouse!


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11/13/2017 2:04 pm  #2

Re: Solo Trip - Kiosk to Mouse - Day 1 of 4

Great Day one video Bob, I was at Big Crow around the same time. I couldn't believe the summer like weather we had. I'm glad you were able to make it out one last time, I was beginning to think you fell off the planet!



11/13/2017 4:13 pm  #3

Re: Solo Trip - Kiosk to Mouse - Day 1 of 4

Thanks Abe! It was definitely not a planned trip. I'd more or less resigned myself to being done for the year, but the forecast was so incredible I just couldn't resist. Taking time off work at the busiest point of my year isn't the brightest thing I've ever done, but this trip was just utter bliss. From halfway along Mink on day one until returning to the access point three days later I saw exactly one person. 

Late August until November is mayhem for me at work, but I'm glad to be coming out the other side for another year, and I'm looking forward to reading and watching a bunch of trip reports I haven't gotten to yet!

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