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9/26/2017 9:35 am  #1

3 nights on Sawyer

Had this trip booked with college buddies for a couple months for our fall trip.  Stayed Friday - Monday.  Ended up being one of if not the nicest weekend of the whole summer.  It was our 8th group trip into the park, and we couldnt have gotten luckier.
We stayed om Sawyer Lake for a 2nd time after staying there last year and loving it.  Friday morning was dead calm and warm, it was a great paddle through Rain
Lake to the portage to Sawyer.  Did a bit of fishing on the way and had some success.  The portage into Sawyer is short and fairly easy.  A small uphill beginning flattens out to a nice walk. 
We were hoping to get the far site at the end of Sawyer lake but it was taken already when we arrived friday morning around 10:45am.  It ended up being a blessing in disguise.  The sun was so hot and strong all weekend long that it was hard to be in it for too too long.  The site we decided on was in shade most of the day unless we went down to the beach and went swimming.  It was perfect!
The site was great but the only downside of it was the firepit area.  Very small and cramped, it was almost eroding down hill into the beach and lake.  Not easy to get around when cooking with the group but we made it work.
The beach and waterfront area could not have been better.  We had a full private beach with shade and sun and excellent swimming.  We definitely spent most of our time there.
Up on the plateau of the site above the fire pit area it does open up and flatten our nicely.  There were ample tent pads for our 3 tents along with areas to play hacky sack and other activities.
The fishing wasnt on fire like it was last fall we were there, I think the hotter weather may have played a role.  I did manage to land 3 really nice small mouth that were three of the biggest bass I have ever caught so I was pleased with that.
Monday morning we were all up early and started packing and cleaning up the site.  By 8:45 were on the water heading back to our cars, it is always a bitter sweet feeling.  Another camping season come and gone for us. 
Cannot wait for our spring trip next year already!






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