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9/18/2017 12:20 pm  #1

Post October 10th Canoe Trip

Hi everyone!!!

I'm planning a trip for mid-October and this will be our first time heading out after our usual Thanksgiving weekend trip... I have 2 questions, I was hoping some of you may have experience with.

1. We normally leave Montreal at 2:30 am and get to the park by around 7:30 am depending where we are putting in. This time around we want to leave MTL the evening before around 5/6pm so we would arrive to or near the park at around 11pm. (Our put in this trip is at Canoe lake)

With that said the goal of this departure time is to get a good night sleep before heading out on the canoes. We'll be sleeping in our tents that night, and we don't mind sleeping in a parking lot if we have to.

I was wondering if we would be able to camp somewhere in the park along hwy 60, (even in the parking lot at Canoe Lake if we are allowed although not sure how we would get a permit at that time..) If camping in the park is not an option for us, does someone know of a campground just outside on the East side? Or of a spot where pitching tents overnight is acceptable?

2. I was wondering where we will have to pick up our permits after the Thanksgiving weekend?? If we arrive the night before, how do we go about that? If it is in the morning, which office will be open??

Thank you very much in advance for any answers comments or input!!! Always much appreciated.


9/18/2017 12:38 pm  #2

Re: Post October 10th Canoe Trip

I thought the Park was closed to back country canoe camping after Thanksgiving. The online reservation system seems to confirm that.


9/18/2017 12:55 pm  #3

Re: Post October 10th Canoe Trip

I believe the park isn't closed after thanksgiving, you just can't reserve online. Permits are still available at the access points.

There aren't any jump off sites on Canoe Lake, but you can camp nearby. There are a bunch of drive in campgrounds along hwy 60 between the east gate and canoe lake.


9/18/2017 1:05 pm  #4

Re: Post October 10th Canoe Trip

Backcountry camping is open year round - with the exception of some temporary closures in the spring around ice out. Reservations aren't available year round, mostly because there is not enough demand to justify the parks paying for the reservation system in the off season.


9/18/2017 1:11 pm  #5

Re: Post October 10th Canoe Trip

After Thanksgiving I'm pretty sure the only campground along Hwy 60 that remains open is Mew Lake.  Not sure about crashing in a parking lot overnight without a permit.  You could roll the dice but if a Warden came knocking they could lay a charge or make you pay (or just tell you to enjoy your trip)...all depends on the particular Warden  I don't think I'd be pitching tents or anything but you might get lucky crashing in your vehicles.  To be safe though I'd just pull into Mew Lake for the night.


9/18/2017 1:18 pm  #6

Re: Post October 10th Canoe Trip

Thanks, guys! I'm thinking Mew Lake is the way to go for our first night...
Any experience with arriving there late?? I guess there is a permit office at Mew Lake?

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9/18/2017 1:21 pm  #7

Re: Post October 10th Canoe Trip

Mew Lake has a self serve station on the way in.  There's a Visa machine there but 3/4 of the time it doesn't work so it's cash.  They have little envelopes where you jot down your site number and info and drop it into a slot.


9/18/2017 1:37 pm  #8

Re: Post October 10th Canoe Trip

Where are you getting your canoes from? Algonquin Outfitters have some tents set up just outside their Oxtongue store, mainly for situations like this. If you're renting from them (or even if you're not) give them a call and ask. I'm pretty sure it's $10/night or something cheap like that. They leave a note on their door with info for you (which tent is yours) for after hour arrivals.


9/18/2017 1:38 pm  #9

Re: Post October 10th Canoe Trip

For what it's worth I have been sleeping in the car waiting for permit offices to open for many years and never had a problem with Wardens or being charged for the night.


9/18/2017 7:31 pm  #10

Re: Post October 10th Canoe Trip

Another possibility, from my experience this week just past:  If you already know your dates, call-in your reservation now ($11.50 fee) then, when you arrive at AP ,when the local office is closed, just leave a note
on the dashboard to show your arrival date/time and Booking Confirmation Number.  Find any open campsite and rest (in peace!) for the night.  Go into the park office in the morning to settle-up...no worries,  no hassle!  (I was advised to do just that on the day I started my trip last week and had no problem.).
Note, if you arrive just after midnight, it would be the first day of your confirmed booking.
Bonne chance.!  http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/cute.png



9/19/2017 6:58 am  #11

Re: Post October 10th Canoe Trip

does someone know of a campground just outside on the East side? Or of a spot where pitching tents overnight is acceptable?

There is crown land east of the park on the Opeongo river where WW paddlers can camp overnight.... drive up the Aylen lake road east of Madawaska village. I've been there several times and familiar with the area, just drive in and pitch your tent in a large cleared area next to the river. In the old days, this used to be the site of a former sawmill and lumber yard when log drives were done down the Opeongo.

I don't know how suitable this will be for you since you'll be driving in the dark at 11PM and finding the right side road could be difficult. Still, once you know where you are, it's a very quick and easy option for an overnight... and free.

Barkwick Camp just south of Madawaska is open until Nov 15.



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