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8/30/2017 2:18 pm  #1

Tim R To Kawawaymog L

Hi Folks!,

Thought I'd share some pics from a recent trip...:-)

Our Route:
Day 1) Tim R > Mujekeewis L
Day 2) Mujekeewis L > Nahma L
Day 3) Nahma L > Pishnecka L
Day 4) Pishnecka L > North Tea L (W)
Day 5) North Tea L (W) > Exit

Tim L Cabin Ruins:

Nip R 10m Portage:

Tire @ End Of 2470m Portage - Anyone know of any details as to why this tire's there (logging camp, etc)???:

South River Historic Dam:

NOTE: Be very careful walking around above dam!  There are iron nails pointing upwards in the river - I learned the hard way and got one in the foot :-(

South R POW Camp Remains - We found remains from 3 buildings, but have to wonder what others are there:

Sunset On Nahma L:

Remains @ Craig L Dam - Is this a floating boom for historic dam?:

Remains From Logging Camp @ Lost Dog L:


Amable Du Fond R As It Enters North Tea L (W):

Hope everyone's enjoying their last leg of the summer!


8/30/2017 4:27 pm  #2

Re: Tim R To Kawawaymog L

Great assortment of historic pics Ash!

I must admit though, I'm surprised and saddened at the amount of decay at the POW camp. That collapsed wall and window was in perfect standing shape just 4.5 years ago. Amazing what time can do to theseruin sites.

visit them now people, soon all that will be left are photos such as this post and the ones on my website. Go before it's too late (like the POW on the Nipissing.. almost all gone)

thanks for posting these Ash - looks like you had a great adventure in a seldom travelled section of Algonquin Park


9/01/2017 8:16 am  #3

Re: Tim R To Kawawaymog L

These are great pics. Thanks for sharing. I want to do that route next summer, so it's nice to see a bit of advance scouting!


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