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7/18/2017 6:40 pm  #1

Maple lake fishing?

Anybody done any fishing on Maple Lake? Thinking about heading up that way, I know the Trout will be deep in July. I don't want to waste my time fishing there if there's no fish. I'm open to suggestions, keeping in mind we are going for Brook Trout.


7/19/2017 7:59 pm  #2

Re: Maple lake fishing?

Probably a few specks i n the lake but good luck trying to get them in the summer. Maybe if you wire line or use a downrigger. But generally a waste of time .


7/20/2017 2:55 pm  #3

Re: Maple lake fishing?

Yeah, I think I will head over to Mink and fish smallies. Thanks!

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7/22/2017 6:29 am  #4

Re: Maple lake fishing?

I was smallie fishing on Mink last week. I caught and released 8-10 of them I'd say.. no record breakers. I usually find the bass in Mink are rather large on average, but that wasn't the case. I caught one that was a good length but it was very thin. Still fun though!


7/22/2017 2:19 pm  #5

Re: Maple lake fishing?

Yeah that's why they introduced bass into the park , so there would be some better summer fishing action other than trying to dig up specks or lakers from the deep .I know of the odd lake ( very rare) where you can fish mono for specks much the same as you would in the spring ,but no way am I going to mention their names here .One of them is too tough to get to ,due to low water levels unless you go in solo .But as a result the lake can be all to yourself even on a long weekend. Fish a little fatter than in the spring too ,after a lean winter.   Never fished those lakes at all , for bass or trout. But there are what looks like easier lakes to get to with better bass fishing. But I doubt the members here will help you out there either. 


7/23/2017 10:30 am  #6

Re: Maple lake fishing?

That's alright, I don't expect anyone to give up their spots, I certainly wouldn't advertise the ones I have found either.

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7/25/2017 9:45 am  #7

Re: Maple lake fishing?

You can catch Spec. and Laker in July and Aug. with a bottom bouncer and with lots of time it slow going but it can be done just be persistent on a 4 or 5 day trip I usually catch 5 or 6

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7/30/2017 6:48 am  #8

Re: Maple lake fishing?

A fish a day is at least something in summer. But in one lake avg 5-6 specks a day and on another I've got 36 in a 2.5 day trip - half of them 14 inchers. Including a 3 lber. Virtually all fish released with single hook fishing. Of course the answer being massive spring feeders. And in one case a 90 ft hole in a very small lake . I troll over that hole and along the same 150 m of shoreline.  Can get a bit boring , but the fish make up for it of course . 

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