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7/12/2017 2:02 pm  #1

BushBuddy Stove

Does anyone have any experience with these stoves?  I really like the idea of not having to rely on liquid fuel for stoves and I hear these stoves are fairly well received.  If you've used one, how do they fare when everything is soaking wet after some solid rain?  Ever had it where you simply couldn't get it going?  

I made my own version of this a few years back (the Ikea stove) and it works pretty good but the BushBuddy looks like it would be way more efficient.



7/12/2017 2:50 pm  #2

Re: BushBuddy Stove

The BushBuddy is the only stove I've taken the last few years. I've never had an occasion when I flat-out couldn't get it going, but I've had a time or two where there was a fair bit of work involved in keeping it going, and on my Spring trip this year (two days of rain followed by two days of snow in an already soaking-wet season) I just didn't even want to try. 

On the whole I enjoy taking a twig stove, but there are times when I'm out there that I've wished for the ease of a fuel stove - to the point where I'm considering adding one back to my gear, at least when wet conditions are likely. 


7/14/2017 3:11 pm  #3

Re: BushBuddy Stove

I've been using the solostove so far this year, but have had my MSR micro rocket handy as a back up where I brought one of the smallest fuel canisters. Same as Uppa, there have been some soggy days where it takes a bit to get it going (used a wet fire), and a couple of mornings where I just wanted coffee or water for oatmeal ASAP so I could get packed up and moving. 

Overall, they are fun to use and worth the addition IMO.


7/17/2017 7:43 am  #4

Re: BushBuddy Stove

Steve, I too made my own twig stove but the BushBuddy is just streets ahead when it comes to efficiency from the design. I love my BB and would take it out in any weather. When it comes to rain, it just takes a bit of planning to collect dry materials in advance and keep them in a dry spot. As long as you have something dry to start until the smoke ignites and you get the secondary combustion going, you should be good.

If you don't have one already, I only suggest getting a pot the stove can fit in simply so the sheet metal doesn't get dinged up. The sides of the stove are thin - great for weight, bad for maintenance.


7/17/2017 2:20 pm  #5

Re: BushBuddy Stove

Thanks for the feedback so far guys

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7/18/2017 8:11 am  #6

Re: BushBuddy Stove

I have the Solo Stove which looks very similar in design to the BushBuddy. I also have the Solo pot which the burner nests in beautifully. Believe I got off Amazon.ca.

I love the fact that I can drop a Trangia puck in if I'm in a hurry to have my coffee or I can just use unlimited twigs. It's surprisingly efficient and doesn't take much to boil a pot of water (or char up some vegetables). As mentioned before, it does take a bit more time to get going if the ground is wet but you should get it lit relatively easy with some birch bark lying around. 


7/18/2017 11:17 am  #7

Re: BushBuddy Stove

Will the Bushbuddy be a viable stove during a fire ban?  


7/18/2017 12:24 pm  #8

Re: BushBuddy Stove

Fire ban? This year? Hahaha http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/grin.png

In all seriousness that's a good question. I would assume not with a twig fire but a controlled alcohol flame should be allowed. The twigs do leave some ash behind, albeit they are cool to the touch shortly after the flame goes out.


7/21/2017 8:56 am  #9

Re: BushBuddy Stove

crewser wrote:

Will the Bushbuddy be a viable stove during a fire ban?  

No, twig stoves aren't permitted during a fire ban.

What they allow during a fire ban is anything where there is a control valve available to immediately extinguish the flame. Alcohol stoves, although not controllable, seem to be allowed.


7/22/2017 4:33 pm  #10

Re: BushBuddy Stove

What pot does everyone use with this stove? (Thinking here specifically of pots that the Bushbuddy will comfortably sit inside). Does anyone have the TOAKS 1100ml they sell on the Bushbuddy site? (https://bushbuddystove.com/products/toaks-titanium-1100ml-pot)


7/22/2017 8:51 pm  #11

Re: BushBuddy Stove

Wasn't it originally made to fit in  the Snow Peak Trek 900?

Mine fits nicely in a Primus LITECH Trek Kettle Pot.

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