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6/15/2017 2:02 pm  #1

Tim River between Queer and Long Bow

What's this stretch of the Tim River like? Are there many obstructions. Jeff's Map shows it as about a two hour paddle. Does that fit with people's experiences? I'm trying to decide whether to start or end my day with it (I'll either camp on Queer or on Long Bow).




6/15/2017 9:33 pm  #2

Re: Tim River between Queer and Long Bow

I did this trip last year in May from Tim lake access to Shippagew and back.
Checked my log and there was one log jam and 23 beaver dams on the Tim between Longbow and the falls at the Queer lake portage. Campsites on the river are not very good. Best to camp at Longbow or head off the Tim to one of the lakes for camping.  Fishing was not that good on the rive either. Two to 2.5 hours is about right for that stretch.


6/16/2017 8:32 am  #3

Re: Tim River between Queer and Long Bow

WOW....Have times have changed since my last trip down the MIGHTY TIM from Tim Lake access.  This would have been back in late l980's.  Back then, we had NONE ZIP NODDA ZERO beaver dams to go over or around all the way down to Shippagew Lake from Rosebary Lake.  We did have a couple of beaver dams from Tim Lake to Rosebary though.


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