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6/07/2017 5:54 am  #1

Meanest Link Attempt July 21 to 30

Hey guys. A buddy and I are planning to attempt a full link the last week of July. Planning to start from Oxtongue lake AO July 21. Given that we will be a variety of distances from our vehicle much of the trip safety and aid comes to mind. We have food drops and whatnot arranged  so that's not a worry. I was wondering if anyone that lives within close proximity  to the park would consider forwarding us their contact info in the event we needed some help or a ride or whatever?  It's always nice to know that a helping hand is within a phone call or text just in case. I have a friend Cottaging in Novar the entire week but I'm especially concerned with a contact at the north end. Once we get closer to 60 the access to assitance becomes allot less of an issue if the need arises. If interested PM your info .It would be a great peace of mind knowing a friendly hand is a text away. We will be carrying an in reach device with text capabilities and will forward our contact to anyone willing. Thanks for the consideration and Happy Paddling.



6/07/2017 6:34 am  #2

Re: Meanest Link Attempt July 21 to 30

Wish I could help, but I live in southern Ontario.  My friend Completed the link years ago in 9 days, a pretty insane timeline. Have fun, it touches on some beautiful spots. 


6/07/2017 7:34 am  #3

Re: Meanest Link Attempt July 21 to 30

Thanks. I'm in SWO as well. It's gonna be a tough one. A tight time line is gonna mean crazy long days. The section that intimidates us the most is upstream on the big east. It's gonna be FUN!

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6/07/2017 11:39 am  #4

Re: Meanest Link Attempt July 21 to 30

This year due to high water I suspect you'll have a good time on the big east. It can be bad in low water. Bugs however will always be bad on that route. 


6/07/2017 1:36 pm  #5

Re: Meanest Link Attempt July 21 to 30

You can put me down as a helper as long as you stopping calling it an "attempt ". 
Send me a PM - I'll be around at the time.


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