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6/05/2017 2:21 pm  #1

What is this purdy Algonquin plant ?

Was goin through some old photos from Foys Lake area .
Have always been curious about the amazing variety of plants , insects and wildlife we all see in Algonquin .
Have only seen this plant once , any thoughts ?
Poor pictures , but what a beaut plant ..... eh !



6/05/2017 2:38 pm  #2

Re: What is this purdy Algonquin plant ?

Looks a little bit like Columbine, but not quite.


6/05/2017 4:51 pm  #3

Re: What is this purdy Algonquin plant ?

Hey Joe ...... It looks similar eh ? ........ but just not quite ?
Took a walk down the road 20 minutes ago and got a shot of wild columbine , as I know it .
The stem seems just a bit thinner and not as thick as the first shot ...... also not as thick as the callouses on Crosby's hands from liftin the Cup so many times !


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6/05/2017 8:26 pm  #4

Re: What is this purdy Algonquin plant ?

It is pretty, isn't it?  It's pale corydalis (Capnoides sempervirens), also known as harlequin corydalis, rock harlequin or pink corydalis. 
And (probably more than anyone wants to know) it has previously gone by the scientific names Corydalis glauca, Corydalis sempervirens and
Fumaria sempervirens.


6/05/2017 8:29 pm  #5

Re: What is this purdy Algonquin plant ?

P.S. I agree that wild columbine is a beautiful flower - there's nothing like seeing a big patch of them all together.  A good place to find that is the rocky area at the outlet of Stratton Lake.


6/06/2017 6:26 am  #6

Re: What is this purdy Algonquin plant ?

The Pale Corydalis reminds me of bleeding hearts.  But that's definitely it!

My wife has a wonderful story that you can tell by removing a bleeding heart blossom and carefully separating it into its individual pieces.  You end up with two rabbits, a gift of pink slippers, earrings and then they enjoy a bottle of champagne together.  Other versions have a bit of a darker ending...


6/06/2017 9:12 am  #7

Re: What is this purdy Algonquin plant ?

Might be worth keeping an eye on Corydalis to see if it blooms into the fall. I've seen it blooming in rocks very late in the year, Sept or Oct when nothing else is in bloom. Also seen blooming in July,in midsummer heat at 30C... maybe due to a long bloom time spring to fall or maybe if it's a dry summer, it goes dormant and then reblooms in fall weather.when there's more water available. It seems like a watery sort of plant with succulent stems IIRC and not adapted to drought. So unusual to see it growing and flowering in dry rocks and not in wet places, like jewelweed does.


6/07/2017 9:35 am  #8

Re: What is this purdy Algonquin plant ?

Thanks Diana ......... very helpful !

Frozentripper ........... Interesting observations , this corydalis was growing on the edge of this patch , not far from this water snake , along the shore of the beaut campsite @ Foys Lake .



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6/07/2017 2:59 pm  #9

Re: What is this purdy Algonquin plant ?

jezzzzusss john,, i am gonna have nightmares now,, why snakes? any thing but snakes!!


6/07/2017 3:50 pm  #10

Re: What is this purdy Algonquin plant ?

 Hey Swede ...........  Funny eh , we all have our thing . I've always liked snakes , but when liftin the lid ta the thunderbox  , I'm real leery of spiders crawlin up me arse . ( Big Smile )

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6/16/2017 8:39 am  #11

Re: What is this purdy Algonquin plant ?


Tripping in Algonquin Park is not about seeking shelter from a storm, tripping in Algonquin Park is about dancing in the rain!

7/01/2017 8:19 am  #12

Re: What is this purdy Algonquin plant ?

Could the first picture be Lady Slipper 


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