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6/05/2017 7:48 am  #1

May 7th through the 16th Nadine Lake trip

Here is a link to my Spot adventure account from Phil and my trip Starting on May 7th.  A great trip despite the snow, cold temps, cold water temps and extremely high water.  Enjoy


Thanks Peek for the great write up you had about this same route.  We just adjusted for age and made it a 10 day trip.  Loved it and will be doing it in the fall next time.

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6/05/2017 9:25 am  #2

Re: May 7th through the 16th Nadine Lake trip

Great report and some stunning pictures!!!



6/05/2017 11:16 am  #3

Re: May 7th through the 16th Nadine Lake trip

Doug - Loved the report - esp. the way it was presented with the route line matched up to the photos (except the fish photos - lol I see what you did there!!) Great report and wow - 10 days for that route must have been amazing - tons of time to fish and explore! Glad to see you found the cave too.


6/06/2017 9:49 am  #4

Re: May 7th through the 16th Nadine Lake trip

Thanks OBS - I use a GoPro Hero 3 and I do like the picture quality.  I tried putting it on my head and taking a shot every minute this trip and was very pleased with the results.  I got the extended battery that allowed me to do that.

Peek, my canoe partner Phil had nothing but praise about this route and we both agree that you have a very special lady there if she was willing to do that trip in such a short time.  We are looking forward to a fall version of it in 2018.

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6/06/2017 11:39 am  #5

Re: May 7th through the 16th Nadine Lake trip

Great report and great pics Doug!  Thank you for sharing!  Love the format. 

My son and I went in on the 7th.  We were able to get onto Cedar at about 6:30am.  It was calm at the put in and then some rolling waves once we got out into the lake but not too bad.   However once we landed at the first portage towards Catfish, Cedar was already starting to get nasty.  It was amazing how fast she turned ugly. 
We ran into the Warden at the end of the Unicorn Hill portage, he mentioned the 2 men that had capsized a day earlier. It happened right at that put in at the end of Unicorn Hill.  

This pic was taken at 6:52am looking back towards Brent from the landing...glad we got off Cedar when we did:



6/07/2017 6:14 am  #6

Re: May 7th through the 16th Nadine Lake trip

Coming from Virginia we are never able to get to the initial put in before 11 am or so.  It didn't seem like much wind at Brent but seeing and hearing the Pet from the Brent store I knew it was bad out there.  Phil and I leave plenty of room in our schedule, so absorbing a half day paddle was okay.  

It is amazing how fast the large bodies of water can change in such a short time.  I worked on the water in my younger years and witnessed it over and over.  So listening to the locals, they have the experience, and keeping attuned to the weather is very important.

Hope your trip with your son was enjoyable as ours turned out.  Those that were out the week or so before us had it rough.  Thanks for your comments and Pic.

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6/07/2017 2:57 pm  #7

Re: May 7th through the 16th Nadine Lake trip

Well I think that's awesome that you come all the way from Virginia to enjoy such a wonderful place!  I'm in southern Ontario, about a 6 hour drive to Brent, so we drove up the day before.   

You bet we had an enjoyable trip!! 


6/08/2017 2:31 pm  #8

Re: May 7th through the 16th Nadine Lake trip

Great report. That's the first time I've seen a Spot Adventure report and I love the format, particularly the route map and pictures along the way. This is a route I'm looking forward to trying soon, so great to get some up to date info!



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