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6/01/2017 7:45 pm  #1

Surprise Rapids Campsite

Hi All,Long time listener, first time caller! I’m planning a loop in August out of Cedar Lake/Brent for myself, my brother, and my twelve year old. Life dictates that we’ll make a not-so-early arrival at Brent, so we won’t be traveling too far on the first day. Does anyone know the state of the “Surprise Rapids” campsite on the way to Radiant from Cedar Lake?  Will we be miserable there for our first night, or is it decent enough site to pause for the night without making us wish we could have pushed further?Thanks,


6/01/2017 8:12 pm  #2

Re: Surprise Rapids Campsite

Hey Shaggy,
I stayed on that site last labour day weekend, in my way in to Radiant from Cedar.  (like you, a bit of a late start). 

It's not a bad site.  I'd call it serviceable; room for 1 big tent, maybe 2.  What's a bit odd about the site is that it is at least 100 feet up from the river, and you don't have any view whatsoever (though you can hear the nearby waterfall).

I actually wanted to stay on Cedar, but it was a long weekend and all the sites on the east end of the lake were taken (there are some nice ones), and so I pushed on to Surprise Raps (site wasn't booked, and the lady at Brent said I could push on if I found Cedar full).

hope that helps.


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