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5/31/2017 6:06 pm  #1

aluminum folding table

I got this folding aluminum table from Lee Valley with the expectation that it would only be used on family trips that didn't involve any portaging.   However, we've gotten into the habit of taking it on trips with friends where we are not able to single pass portage.   This photo is from Sunday on the May long weekend at our campsite on Cauchon Lake.  It was a very wet day and after a paddling outing we were glad to have the table (and ourselves) positioned under the tarp where we could cook and clean on a flat surface well above the dirt on the ground.   There is a batch of brownies baking in the Outback Oven while one of our friends and my wife enjoy a glass of wine!  The table weighs around 5.5lbs so it isn't too onerous to carry over the portages.  We've also had the table into Cork Lake and Shirley Lake.



5/31/2017 6:07 pm  #2

Re: aluminum folding table


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5/31/2017 10:28 pm  #3

Re: aluminum folding table

Nice!  It's so nice to have a solid surface to keep your plates and stuff up off the ground eh? 


6/01/2017 7:21 am  #4

Re: aluminum folding table

We have the GSI Micro and Macro tables and it's guaranteed that at least one is making every trip.  As Steve E said, it's nice to have a solid surface to keep your plates and stuff up off the ground plus they're excellent as a cooking surface too!


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