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5/23/2017 8:11 pm  #1

A bear in a tree , and some favourite stumps.

Headed up to Brent last week , stayed overnight  fer an early morning crossing of Cedar.
 One of the most pleasurable paddles .

Knowing what was in store from previous years of pluggin through the gauntlet of fast water between the 900m and 230m stretch of the lower Nip , this year I brought along a bent shaft paddle to dig into the sheet of  water , where the Nip narrows and is shallow.
After the 230m portage , stopped fer lunch , on a stump that has been a chair fer quite a few trips .

Arrived @ the Luckless portage a few hours later , pluggin away , just takin my time .

Soon after a rest , and a  look around , this caught my curious eye . A good sized bear in a deciduous tree , across the river and up the hillside .

Fer the next  five hours, while putting the tent up and enjoyin the surroundings , this bear worked that tree from limb ta limb .
Was real curious to me ........why ?  
Have read of bears spending days in a beech tree , and an oak tree in the fall . Fattening up on beech nuts and acorns .
But what the hang was the reward fer that bear in the spring ?  Any thoughts ?

Spent some time on another favourite stump , amazed in watching this bear from afar .

Up early , the next morning , with a plan ta base camp on Luckless , and spend a few days paddlin ta Lynx and Catfish .
Started out around 8am with the canoe and food pack , up the 3km portage ta Luckless .
It was the feeling of a hot day ahead , and had planned on doin the leap frog portage , ta save some time .
After dropping off the canoe half way , came back fer the main pack and made it back to the canoe .
That's where the plans changed , as I had a real scare with the flare up of a physical issue that stopped me in me tracks and had me sittin on me arse wonderin  what the hell I was goin ta do ?. Spent the next three hours takin apart my main pack , and walkin slowly back to where hence I came .
Took a good rest in the sauna tent , and after a good feed and some Algonquin Park yoga , got the heart rate down enough ta go back up and retrieve the canoe .

Sat on another favourite root and enjoyed one of my go to meals .

Later on , enjoyed the visit of this hare ..... who stayed around fer quite awhile , not seeming ta be to bothered by my presence .

Up the next morning early , and that bear was back up that tree  ?

A shot of the beaut site at the base of the Luckless portage .

The wind was from the North-West , and had a real enjoyable paddle back ta Cedar .
Have seen this bird many a time over the years , but first time getting a picture .
A yellow rumped warbler , at the end of the 900 m portage , back ta Cedar.


Was fortunate enough ta sail back ta Brent with little effort .


After loadin up the truck , headed over ta the Brent Store , fer a cold soda pop and a bag of chips .
Had an another amazing chat with Jake , and smiled as he shared the story ...... of why he doesn't wear a watch !


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5/23/2017 8:34 pm  #2

Re: A bear in a tree , and some favourite stumps.

Great share!! Wonder what that bear was up to 


5/23/2017 9:19 pm  #3

Re: A bear in a tree , and some favourite stumps.

Thanks for sharing John.  Glad you got out ok!


5/24/2017 8:00 am  #4

Re: A bear in a tree , and some favourite stumps.

Probably eating catkins or something similar.

Great pictures too. :-)


5/24/2017 9:20 am  #5

Re: A bear in a tree , and some favourite stumps.

Great photos, as always, and I also always enjoy your comments and observations on what you see and experience.  Your take on things seems to have a special resonance with the way I enjoy the bush.  Thank you for posting.


5/24/2017 10:26 am  #6

Re: A bear in a tree , and some favourite stumps.

Great story and pictures. 

I'd like to imagine that the bear was simply giving into his curiosity to see what was up there. Once we got up there, maybe he needed a snooze?


5/24/2017 3:04 pm  #7

Re: A bear in a tree , and some favourite stumps.

Nice stuff, John.  Regarding the bear's behavior, I've got to imagine he was feeding on something.  Perhaps ants, grubs, oozing sap from woodpecker damage, etc.  I just can't imagine animals of that nature spending much time lazing about exploring without a purpose.  Knowing the constant need of food gathering, it is their primary focus and occupation (until breeding time hits).

Good luck to those frozen birds tomorrow night, by the way.


5/24/2017 3:14 pm  #8

Re: A bear in a tree , and some favourite stumps.

I agree with RobW with the bear eating catkins. My wife and I werein Killarney over the Victoria Day weekend and seen a bear with her 3 cubs snacking on catkins as well. 


5/24/2017 5:34 pm  #9

Re: A bear in a tree , and some favourite stumps.

Jdbonney .... I didn't think of the catkins that Rob mentioned , that's probably the reward . Jake ( the Mayor of Brent ) had mentioned , that bears are fond of ants and will gorge on them given the chance .

fbeauregard..... Ya , was glad ta get out . Had a  similar SVT episode last fall , had a 24 point inspection then , and an all clear. Time ta get a paddlin partner versed in the use of a portable defibulator and an updated CPR course ( Big Smile )

Rob ..... Thanks , didn't think of the catskins .

Diana ...... Thank-you !  Those are kind words from a soul that knows these parts of the Algonquin so well !

CanoeClaire..... Interesting thing , as I thought the same ..... I watched him scale down the tree , the first evening , and while it was in the tree , it moved through it often .

PaPaddler ..... Thanks Pa ! Those Pens are in tough , but like that bear , will feast tmrw !

crewser  .... Interesting , that must have been a real treat ta see . Didn't think of it @ the time .

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5/24/2017 7:19 pm  #10

Re: A bear in a tree , and some favourite stumps.

Have yet to get to Cedar, but John every report inches me closer!



5/27/2017 7:39 am  #11

Re: A bear in a tree , and some favourite stumps.

Thanks for the report. Always a treat.


6/05/2017 11:18 am  #12

Re: A bear in a tree , and some favourite stumps.

beauty pic's, John. What a treat to be 'entertained' by a bear in a tree, though I'd be a bit uneasy just cause of how long he hung around. Too bad about the health issue on the port - but as always, better safe than sorry. At least you got to visit a few old stumps from trip's past. It's rare to see Cedar so calm, glad that worked out for ya!


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