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5/12/2017 10:13 am  #1


Braved cauliflower on a base camp style trip. Weather was challenging. Caught 5 lake trout, one of which was around 18inches. Could not find any brook trout. Came out one day early as I was running low on a heat source. My first solo trip into Algonquin. Water was around 46f, lots of snow flurries. Went in Monday May 8, came out on Thursday. Not sure how to post pictures on here but I have some good ones. Saw a family of foxes, first time. Feel very grounded after coming home.  Bugs were just starting to emerge as I left, nothing hardcore just noticed some. Nice to see pictures of other reports in here. Now I want to go deeper into the park... Go figure lol


5/12/2017 9:29 pm  #2

Re: Cauliflower

Cool, thanks for sharing. I've wondered about those "upper panhandle" lakes.

To include photos in your post you need to first have them uploaded to the web somehow. Many use a photo sharing platform like Photobucket but you don't need to... it's enough if they're on facebook or even just emailed to yourself on a web-based email account, as long as you can right-click on them and "open image in new tab" to get a direct image URL that's outside the email/social media platform. Then you just click the photo icon on the posting screen here and enter the image URL.


5/14/2017 5:22 pm  #3

Re: Cauliflower

I was a bit shocked going into the lake that there were locals in there fishing without a permit.

My father used to go into that lake 35 years ago and either his accounts of the fishing are emblished, my fishing skills are poor or that lake is seeing a lot of pressure. Or all three lol.

I have a photobucket account, will upload some to there. Thanks Dan

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5/17/2017 7:42 am  #8

Re: Cauliflower

Nice trout!

How was the road in??


5/18/2017 5:19 pm  #9

Re: Cauliflower

It was ok, but you had to take your time and avoid some spots. Nothing terrible, better than expected for sure.

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