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5/09/2017 12:09 pm  #1

McKaskill Lake in the Rain

Hi All,

I just published the first half of my report on last weekend's drenching at McKaskill Lake. If you're interested, you can see it here:


Hope everyone is staying dry.



5/09/2017 12:37 pm  #2

Re: McKaskill Lake in the Rain

Very entertaining!!! Reminds me why I wait until the fall. LOL
I'm looking forward to the next chapter


5/11/2017 8:26 pm  #3

Re: McKaskill Lake in the Rain

Great read, thanks for sharing!


5/12/2017 6:04 am  #4

Re: McKaskill Lake in the Rain

Your report was a lot of fun to read! Having a sense of humour is one of your most important tools when the weather is less than ideal.

Can you advise which Eureka solo tent you have and give me your thoughts on it? A solo tent that doesn't break the bank is on my wish list.


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5/12/2017 10:29 am  #5

Re: McKaskill Lake in the Rain

A funny and enjoyable read. Looking forward to part two!


5/14/2017 6:39 am  #6

Re: McKaskill Lake in the Rain

BTW, Drew, my family enjoyed your presentation at the KW symposium. Well done. Thanks for posting this recent trip report.


5/14/2017 8:09 pm  #7

Re: McKaskill Lake in the Rain

Thanks all for the kind words to everyone.

Blobsquatch, I've got the Eureka Solitaire. Good for the price ($104.00 I think at Sail). To be honest, I was a bit concerned about how it would stand up to a big rain so I did rig up a tarp above the tent for the first night, so I can't say for sure how it does in a big rain. It's cozy but kinda roomy inside, if that makes any sense. Definitely didn't feel claustrophobic at any time.

Martin2007, glad you enjoyed the presentation, wish I'd had a chance to meet you in person. I had to hit the road as soon as the symposium was done, next year I'm going to stick around and make sure I meet all the faces behind the names here  

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5/17/2017 7:40 am  #8

Re: McKaskill Lake in the Rain

Enjoyed the report - quite the hike out of McKaskill - sometimes it's nice to have the network of logging roads around, despite the noise they generate - they do offer alternatives.

I do know your pain though - I once camped on Madawaska Lake (2011) and Cauliflower Creek was so messed up that on the way out, my friend and I decided to hike the logging road from the Madawaska RIver (P1440) to Hay Creek (P985). 7.5km hike, but still better than the creek. I'm glad that road was there. Sure we could've done it, just as you could have, but sometimes the easy way out is also the smart way.

lol I also went the wrong way on Dove once.. funny how easy it is to make a navigation error on such a small lake.


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