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4/27/2017 2:34 pm  #1

Updates on Access Points 2, 3 and 4!

Today was a super hot day in the park that's for sure! I did lots of hiking and exploring near the Kearney access points.

Magnetewan : Still snowed in approx. 15KM before the access.
Tim River : Road is in great condition. No snow/washouts at all.
Rain Lake : Lots of snow has melted but its still not passable and won't be tomorrow.

I talked to them at the permit office today and apparently I knew more about the road conditions than the warden did this morning. They will be cancelling all reservations for Mag and Rain access points today. I think they will still issue permits for Rain lake but you'll have to portage about 3KM to get into the access point.
The warden and a ranger were out on the Magnetewan Road this morning. I don't know yet if they could even make it to the lake in 4x4 or not. Last I heard from them they were a few KM passed where the the snow starts getting deep clearing blow down. That was at 10:30AM and they still weren't out by 2PM so that's not exactly great news.
Rain and Mag will most definitely be accessible by Monday though and permits will be issued as soon as they are. I'm assuming people in trucks are going to be breaking up the snow all weekend long which will speed up the melting A LOT.

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